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What is Stress?

To understand how to manage stress, we first need to understand what stress is. knowing the problem can lead to a solution, and to find out that solution we need to look at what causes stress and how it is different for every person. Stress can be different for everyone. It’s the most tailored mental illness, everyone has their own reason for being stressed. Stress isn’t a psychiatric diagnosis, but it’s very closely linked to mental health. Stress can cause mental health problems, and make any minor or existing problems even worse.

Similar to fear, stress can also be a good thing. It’s the body’s way to encounter situations that our mind thinks can harm us. The famous “flight or fight” term is derived for the act of being stressed and feeling fear. It’s the stress response of the body to the incoming threat. During this stress response period, your heart rate increases and your eyes expand to take in as much information as possible. More blood is pumped to make your brain and muscles, and your lungs breath in more oxygen to cope up with the body and aid it in this hyper state. This hyper state or the stress response can save your life.

But that is just one very minor side of the story, stress if not taken care of can be very harmful to the body and the mind. It can ruin one’s life and ability to live a normal life. People take stress for all sorts of reasons, without even realising it. Feeling pressure at work or a deadline coming up can cause unimaginable stress, the stress of retirement and unemployment, especially in old age can be life threatening.

The stress of family, everyone has problems in their relationships, they are very time consuming and in today’s pacing world where work and life should be two separate parts of one’s life are merged into one “work-life”. This can cause difficulties in relationships with your spouse, which can lead to divorce or separation. Relationship with our children and parents are also affected by this, and this can lead to massive stress. One of the major causes of stress is financial problems, it is recorded that people struggling with their financial problems do not live a healthy life, forget a happy life they don’t even have the luxury of living a happy life, all that because of one small term known as “stress”. Unexpected bills, rent due, and fear of eviction are some major causes of stress.

Similar to the financial causes of stress, another way stress can ruin your life, from a very early age is the student and college loans that students take. First the stress of their education and their exams, and when once that is over, the stress of knowing that a huge chunk of their income will go to the loan they took back when they were struggling to pass the very exams that you spent thousands of pounds in loans.

Another major reason for stress is the grief of losing someone precious to you. We have all felt the pain of losing someone precious, someone we thought would live forever and never leave our side. The pain of losing someone cannot be put into mere words. This can leave us into a state of depression, which can cause us stress and make us overthink all our life decisions. You can never be ready to lose a loved one but that’s the harsh truth and we can and should learn to face it, rather than taking the stress and damaging our mental health we should live a life that they wanted us to live, and be happy. Even the things that we look forward to can cause us stress, the stress of buying your first house, or the joy of having a baby or getting married can all be very stressful milestones in life.

How to Manage Stress?

Now knowing the problem is not enough, you must understand it, identify the problem and that will lead to a solution. A way to manage stress, as it’s not a disease that can be cured but rather an illness that can be controlled. Have you ever felt you’re losing control of your life, ever been overwhelmed by the idea that the world is moving forward and you’re just standing still? This can cause you to be frustrated, moody and felt bad about yourself like you don’t belong to in this world. Had trouble breathing and relaxing? … well my friend, you have Depression. Depression is another illness that is caused by stress, and if you control stress you can control depression.

Stress can not only affect you mentally but physically as well. It can cause you to lose energy, can cause headaches, insomnia and dry mouth. It can amplify your fears and make you question yourself. Can you really live a life full of stress, in this harsh world, you cannot be vulnerable! You need to protect yourself from stress. The root of most mental illnesses. Now for the million-dollar advice; let life take its course, don’t fight it. The harsh reality is that this world doesn’t stop for anyone. If you want to progress in this world you need to be able to control your own life. You need to focus on the things you can control rather than the things that are out of your control.

Use a heart rate monitoring watch or other devices, get it at Stress Checker, they help in monitoring the heartbeat to the check for signs of stress and depressions in your system. As the famous saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together” be with people who bring out the best in you, you want to be with people who are positive and have positive energy around them, this way you will feel uplifted.

Remember its always okay to take help from others, we are social animals, we need other people to survive. Taking help when your down or sad is perfectly okay. It’s very important to take care of your mental health. Talk to a professional if you’re feeling like all the energy has been sucked out of you and you have no purpose. Even when it comes to working, it’s okay to divide the workload. Set small targets and work towards them. Achieving these short term goals can boost your moral for your long term goals.

You are not alone, everyone feels this way, once in their life. All the famous people have felt the stress of being under pressure and being criticized, but only when they overcame that they became the people they are today. If you ask any famous person, he will tell you that meditation has helped them in their progress. Meditation can be in any form, it can be staying still in one place and practising a fluent breathing exercise, to just having a morning tea in peace. What meditation really means is that, taking the time to reflect on yourself and taking a moment to gather your inner thoughts. If done everyday meditation can be a magnificent and life changing practice. What can be better than taking the time to have a conversation about yourself and telling yourself why you deserve to be happy and why you will succeed.

Avoid unhealthy habits, smoking and consuming alcohol might seem like a good choice to cope with stress but in reality, they are the worst possible ways you can cope with stress. Coping with stress needs the nourishment of the body and mind. Set a to do list for your everyday tasks and work towards it, a study showed that Doctors in the UK make checklists, to cope up with their extremely busy and stressful day. They work to complete the list and that is how they live stress free and end the day with a feeling of accomplishment.

These tips will surely help your life a healthy and happy life, follow these tips because a healthy life is not a luxury but a right for every human being. Help others and tell them about these wonderful tips because helping others will put help you put your problems in perspective.



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