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iStressChecker Pro EN (price per year)


Complete lifestyle and stress monitor

For iPhone, iPad and iPod.  For personal advice and support – online and offline – in lifestyle change and stress management.

Android version available 3rd quarter of 2020


  1. 3 Heart rate monitors (Bluetooth 4.0) with rechargeable battery, clip with infrared sensor for finger or ear, USB power cable and handbook in English.
  2. App in English. License for 25 client accounts. System requirements: iOS 8 and higher.
  3. Option to purchase additional heart rate monitors for clients at a discount.

Hardware warranty: 1 year

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Who is the StressChecker Pro for?

The StressChecker Pro has been developed for doctors, physiotherapists, (sports) psychologists, (sports) trainers and personal trainers, work-life balance and stress counsellors, dieticians and masseurs, etc. They can all use the StressChecker Pro to offer their clients extra support while working with them.

What is the iStressChecker Pro?

The iStressChecker Pro is an extended version of the iStressChecker for consumers (see description).

The additional functionalities are:

  • Create and manage up to 25 client accounts. This can even be expanded to 50 or more on request.
  • Access the measurement data based on readings that clients have taken in their own surroundings using the heart rate monitor provided by the professional.
  • Input additional client-specific questions to be asked during the Morning Reading. These can be in relation to a specific lifestyle habit, ailment or circumstance.
Why use the iStressChecker Pro?

A large number of psychological and physical ailments are the result of unhealthy living habits and the social and work-related pressures people experience.

The facts:

  • 60-90 percent of all visits to doctors and psychologists are related to some form of stress (source: Harvard Researchers, USA).
  • Over 75 percent of all modern-day diseases are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle (source: World Health Organization).

By no means all professionals take these facts into account when making a diagnosis and planning their treatment/support. This is compounded by the fact that clients often struggle to recall the precise details of their day-to-day activities and/or the amount of social and work-related pressure they are experiencing.

The iStressChecker Pro offers a solution to this problem!

The iStressChecker Pro makes it easy for professionals to gather information about their clients with respect to aspects such as:

  • Lifestyle
  • The social and work-related pressures they are experiencing
  • Their stress and vitality levels, measured based on their pulse and heart rate variability (HRV).

This information enables professionals to:

  1. assess their clients’ psychological and/or physical ailments from a broader perspective.
  2. evaluate throughout the entire period of treatment/support whether changes in a client’s lifestyle have a positive effect on their stress and vitality levels.
  3. evaluate throughout the entire period of treatment/support whether changes in a client’s social or work environment have a positive effect on their stress and vitality levels.

Sports trainers and coaches can use the relevant measurement data to optimise the training activities for their athletes/players.

How can you use the iStressChecker Pro?

The professional creates a account for each client, up to a maximum of 50. The professional can delete an account including all the associated measurement data at any time. That account can then be reassigned to a different client. Besides that, professionals can add their own questions about any client-specific behavior, ailments or circumstances that they consider to be relevant. These questions are automatically included in the “Morning Reading”. Professionals can also deactivate any standard questions that they regard as irrelevant for a client. This option is also offered for the Self-reflection questions.

Profile management

Login-account creation

Client measurement data

Method I

Readings are taken during the appointment and the results are discussed with the client. The measurement results can be printed out and given to the client.

Method II

The professional lends heart rate monitors to clients who have an iPhone, iPad or iPod. The clients can take readings themselves in their own surroundings at times that suit them. The measurement results are discussed during the appointment.

The advantages of Method II include:
  • Access to more measurement data for each client. This makes it possible to obtain a more accurate picture of their living habits and the social/work-related pressures they experience, as well as any correlations.
  • Frequent feedback about the impact of their behavior and/or social and/or work-related situation on their stress level and vitality gives clients stronger motivation to make changes.
  • Time-savings during the appointment because the client has already taken the reading.
  • Clients can take a reading at the same time every day. This provides a better basis for comparing the measurement results.
  1. iStressChecker Pro, license for up to 50 client accounts or more: on request.
  2. Extra heart rate monitors for clients: on request.

Attention! The iStressChecker Pro readings may show unreliable results in the case of people suffering from heart conditions, frequently occurring cardiac arrhythmia or with a pacemaker, or people who are currently taking medication that influences the heart rhythm.