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It can be discouraging when you are heading to the gym regularly yet do not see the results that you wanted. Hence, it feels as if everything you are doing is futile. But why? Is it because you are not working out as you should be doing to reach your desired goals or perhaps you are working too hard but in the wrong direction. There is a misconception that the more you exercise, the better it is. However, that’s not true! Despite what your goals are a quality workout doesn’t have to stretch for hours and hours long at all. Exercising between 3 to 4 times per week and achieving your targeted heart rate means that you are on the right track.

Sometimes we don’t see the results right away that we would like to from our workouts. Then how would you know that you are exercising enough?

The answer is simple; if you are hitting your workout routine, retaining an overall healthy lifestyle and your metabolism is functioning well, then it is very much likely that you are exercising enough. Even with that said, there are various other ways to determine if your ongoing workout routine is enough.

Everyone’s workout routine and lifestyle is different. Therefore, getting the results at a different pace doesn’t mean your fitness journey isn’t right. We rounded up various signs that might prove that you are doing a good job.

Signs That You Are Exercising Enough

You are regularly doing cardio.

Walking or aerobic exercise works for your large muscles, that is, the heart and the lungs to work efficiently. Heart is a muscle after all and doing a 30 minutes of good cardio makes your heart stronger and efficient enough. Luckily, you don’t always need a treadmill for cardio. You can enjoy a walk with your pet or do your day-to-day activities and still continue to get the amount of cardio required effectively. If already doing so, keep it up!

You are achieving your target time.

Even if you feel you are not exercising enough, think through the amount of time you exercise for. Low intensity steady state workouts, like power walking or jogging can be calculated for their time. Thus, doing cardio for about 45 to 60 minutes is an essential part of your workout mix. Overdoing the amount of workout is not effective rather what is beneficial is to hit your target time.

You feel energetic and more rejuvenated.

Exercising regularly elevates your energy levels and improves the overall quality of your life. Your metabolism performs well, you sleep better and wake up fresh. Additionally, working out consistently helps to improve your immunity which further leads to reduced stress levels and an increased ability to combat illness. If you enjoy such benefits, regardless of other factors to worry about, then surely it indicates that you are exercising as much as your body requires.

You support your workout routine with a healthy lifestyle.

A smarter workout routine is commonly followed by a healthy lifestyle. True fitness devotees choose a healthier lifestyle. This can either be due to the preset fitness goals or bodily needs. Whatever the purpose is, a workout routine results in improved lifestyle choices. You tend to abstain from certain foods and unhealthy habits such as smoking or alcohol consumption. You become habitual of opting for a healthy routine, feel more energized and optimistic and inevitably, make wise choices. This indicates that your workout routine is adequately supporting your physical and mental wellbeing.

You have a flexible & varied workout regime.

When your regular exercise routine becomes easy and that encourages you to change the intensity and the type of workouts you do, then you are likely on a healthy regimen. Increasing the intensity of your sessions often and incorporating a flexible exercise plan into your regular routine adds value to your routine. This shows that you are exercising enough that you actually need. This is because variations and gains are not easy to introduce to the routine. Hence, if your body is flexible to adapt to workout changes easily, then certainly you are doing a good job.

Your metabolism is working well.

A good workout definitely does not guarantee to yield results within few days. However, you do see that having a good workout routine can improve your metabolism. Positive physical changes due to increased speed of metabolism is yet another healthy sign. Sufficient exercise includes signs like losing calories and fat faster and gaining muscle, improved appetite and regular bowel movements. These might seem to be small changes but in reality, hold greater significance. Keep up with your workout routine. You are doing well!

You are hitting your targets.

This is the easiest way to know if you are exercising enough according to your physical needs. You should always keep a track of your routine and how it lets you accomplish your targets. Increase in weight, intensity, repetitions, strength, flexibility, speed, or distance means that you are constantly hitting your goals and moving forward. It is common for people to set fitness goals, be enthusiastic in the beginning and then lose momentum when they stop seeing immediate results on their body. If you set a workout routine each week or month and that are an improvement from your previous goals, then you are doing well. When these targets are practically achievable, this demonstrates that you are getting enough from your workout routine. Keep tracking your progress.

It is better to work smarter not harder & wait for a striking result!




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