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You are short of your weekly sales target. Your financial obligations are increased. You are about to get married or you are moving to a new home. Your mother is hospitalized, and you are worried about the bills. You have just survived a traumatic event. Situations like these can make you panic and eventually, you can get stuck in the vicious stress cycle.

Stress Can Be Good or Bad Depending on How You Deal With It

Chronic or repeated stress can be harmful to our mental as well as physical health. It can affect the immune system and can turn into anxiety in extreme cases. Memory impairment, Anxiety, Depression, Digestive problems, Headaches, Heart disease, Sleep problems, Weight gain and accelerated cellular aging can be triggered because of stress or anxiety disorders. Life experiences and genetic are major contributors to the development of stress. Having said that, we all need some amount of stress, often referred to as good stress, to live a healthy life.

Good stress is basically the stress we feel when we are excited. The heartbeat quickens and the hormonal change happens without a hint of fear or threat. Common examples of this kind of stress are when we propose our loved one, being promoted or take a roller coaster ride. This stress keeps us motivated and excited about life. Also, another type of stress is acute stress which is related to quick surprises. Although, this stress is not always happy, but it is manageable to a certain extent if we know how to relax ourselves quickly.

What you can do to Lower Your Stress Levels

To get the right amount of stress in your life, it is important to choose activities that make you feel excited and happy about your life. To do so, you should try to figure out how the idea of doing these activities makes you feel. You should clearly distinguish “have to” activities from “want to” activities. “Want to” activities refer to the activities that you are excited about while “To have” activities are the mandatory ones. Making priorities can certainly help in this regard. Priority schedules also help in achieving a good work-life balance and allow you to have enough time for your family and work along with your professional duties. These schedules also help in doing the analysis of the activities.

Good stress can turn into bad stress and similarly, bad stress can also be converted into good stress. The problem arises when you feel too much stress. This can turn a good experience into a bad one as ultimately, you will feel stressful and not being able to enjoy the moment. To keep it in check, you must try to notice when the stress in crossing the limit. It is pretty obvious that no one can eliminate all stress from their lives, but one should try their best to reduce the amount of stress as well as avoiding unnecessary stressful activities.

Changing the perception of stressors can turn bad stress into good stress. Our body reacts strongly to threats but it is directly related to your perception of it. If you are considering something as a threat, your body won’t give a threat-based response. Considering a fearful situation as a challenge can turn fear into excitement. Evaluating situations based on potential benefits, hidden aspects or opportunities and challenging yourself can be helpful in shifting your perception.

How StressChecker Apps can help

Thanks to the technological advancements of today, we have the luxury of several digital apps and websites that are designed for keeping an eye on stress levels.

The latest apps of StressChecker, www.stresschecker.com, support users with a next generation stress management tools for iOS devices, called the iStressChecker and the iStressChecker Pro.

Through daily self-monitoring, the iStressChecker allows users both to identify stressors and determine the effectiveness of their approach converting them into a healthier and more relaxed way of living.

The iStressChecker Pro allows health pro’s and (sports) trainers and coaches to monitor the measurement data of their clients remotely with their iPhone or iPad. They can personalize the data collection that the individual guidance of their customers takes into account.

Stress is a part and parcel of life but learning how to deal with it should be the way forward. Reducing chronic depression as much as possible and changing the perspective about stress helps a lot in keeping the stress levels under control. Also, replacing unnecessary stressful activities with positive and healthy engagements makes it easy to create a healthy and productive balance of stress in life.

Author: Stephanie Mckenzie



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